Car Locksmith in Columbia SC

The car locksmith offers many different services from emergency situations to non emergency issues. These are useful for any situation you may have pertaining to your car and getting into it. It is important for the car locksmith to keep up with the new technology as it is changing everyday.

Our Car Locksmith Services

  • Honda Key Replacement
  • Lexus Key Replacement
  • Replace lost car keys
  • Rekeying locks
  • Ignition Repair Services
  • Transponder Keys
  • Removal of broken car keys
  • Motorcycle Keys

In the event you might have locked your keys in the car, the car locksmith will be able to open your door allowing you to get back into your car. They can remove broken keys from locking mechanisms and replace car keys. Newer cars nowadays have transponder keys in them. A car locksmith will be able to make high-end security transponder keys.

A car locksmith also offers emergency locksmith services. Other car locksmith services include all types and brands of car ignition keys, lock-outs or lock-ins, automotive ignition, and others. The car locksmith can fix any problems that may arise with your ignition key. It only takes a few minutes to fix most transponder key problems.

Car Lockout services

Did you lock yourself out of your car? hey it happens! The most common locksmith related incidents we come across are lockouts. Locked out or just happen to have lost your keys call us and we will get you back in your car in no time at all.

All about the car key

A car key or an automobile key is a key used to open or to start an automobile, or both. Modern car key designs are usually symmetrical, and some use grooves on both sides, rather than a cut edge, to actuate the lock. It has multiple uses for the car with which it was sold. A car key can open the doors, as well as start the ignition, open the glove compartment and also open the trunk of the car. Some cars come with an additional key known as a valet key that starts the ignition and opens the driver's side door, but prevents the valet from gaining access to valuables that are located in the trunk or the glove box. Some valet keys, particularly those to high-performance cars, go so far as to restrict the engine's power output to prevent joyriding. Recently, features such as coded immobilizers have been implemented in newer vehicles. More sophisticated systems make the car's ignition dependent on electronic devices, rather than the mechanical keyswitch.

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